Autoimmune Hepatitis Ebook from Patient’s perspective

living-with-autoimmune-hepatitisFinally, I got the damn thing published!  Wrote it in 2015, and then dusted it off in 2017.  Finally, it is live for those of you who are interested.

This is a short ebook that tells people who are newly diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis what my symptoms were prior to diagnosis with AIH, as well as chronic conditions that seemed to come along with autoimmune hepatitis (not sure whether they were related or not, but they were a part of my journey.

In addition, I shared what happened during the time leading up to my diagnosis, and then the 25+ years since diagnosis.

Also, I have been on many different treatments for Autoimmune Hepatitis over 25 years.  I will share what that was like, and my side effects (or lack of side effects) from different medications.

I find that there is a lot of information available on Autoimmune Hepatitis, but not much from a patient’s perspective. I am very lucky that my journey with this disease has been a happy one.  However, it took me 15 years before I ever met another human that had it.  It was great comparing stories and journeys, similarities as well as differences in our lives with this condition.  Hopefully my experience will give comfort to those of you who were diagnosed.  I know not everyone had as easy a journey as I had.  However, when AIH is stable (which for me has been most of the time), then my life is normal.