Hepatologist visit March 2021

It has been awhile since I have written a post. Covid complacency had set in, and I have been under a rock, watching TikTok in my spare time around my busy work career.

During Covid, surprisingly, despite my daily regimen of Prednisone, I have not put on any weight but overall, I think from too much sitting, not enough sunlight and my commute every 30 – 60 minute in a meeting room, has been replaced by sitting throughout the day with only daily commutes to the kitchen tap or my fridge. My symptoms have been lower back pain, and even though my weight has not gone up on the scale my body disposition has changed. I have no problem eating, but I have no appetite – ever. Maybe I don’t need as many calories to support this extra sedentary covid time.

When I received the phone call to book my annual hepatologist appointment, I was quite frankly a little nervous about it. My first trepidation was actually going to the hospital and leaving my covid-free bubble. Hospitals take all their precautions, but there is also a lot of sick people there, and I had concerns about going there when I am likely in a bubble.

I also have not been a great at getting my blood work done. I had blood work done in December, and that was the last time.

When I went in, the last blood work that I had showed that everything continues to be on track. Also, we did a fibroscan in the office, and my measurement was 4.5, which shows that the density of my liver is doing awesome. Matter of fact, he recommended that we taper my prednisone by another 1 mg.

Onwards and upwards!

~ Carrie