health update Spring 2018

Well…. I dont know what the hell happened but my weight skyrocketed. Like, out of nowhere. Energy plummeted and I am now pushing 190 lbs.

Now I am not a lettuce-eating bunny, but nothing has really changed in my good (or bad) habits to justify this weight gain. Since I went to the hepatologist in December I put on almost an additional 15 lbs. Almost a lb a week since December.

I got another fybroscan and my density numbers are lower than December (yay) weight is UP (boo) and blood tests are high normal, which sucks but my bloodwork does cycle that way. In light of that, there is nothing glaring in my results.

Being sluggish is not normal for me. So that is something I am coping with. I am making a conscious effort to give up sweets and up my water intake.

Dr Swain is referring me to a clinic to help people with diet and fatty liver. What the hell…. I will try anything! Stay tuned!