Hepatologist visit March 2021

It has been awhile since I have written a post. Covid complacency had set in, and I have been under a rock, watching TikTok in my spare time around my busy work career.

During Covid, surprisingly, despite my daily regimen of Prednisone, I have not put on any weight but overall, I think from too much sitting, not enough sunlight and my commute every 30 – 60 minute in a meeting room, has been replaced by sitting throughout the day with only daily commutes to the kitchen tap or my fridge. My symptoms have been lower back pain, and even though my weight has not gone up on the scale my body disposition has changed. I have no problem eating, but I have no appetite – ever. Maybe I don’t need as many calories to support this extra sedentary covid time.

When I received the phone call to book my annual hepatologist appointment, I was quite frankly a little nervous about it. My first trepidation was actually going to the hospital and leaving my covid-free bubble. Hospitals take all their precautions, but there is also a lot of sick people there, and I had concerns about going there when I am likely in a bubble.

I also have not been a great at getting my blood work done. I had blood work done in December, and that was the last time.

When I went in, the last blood work that I had showed that everything continues to be on track. Also, we did a fibroscan in the office, and my measurement was 4.5, which shows that the density of my liver is doing awesome. Matter of fact, he recommended that we taper my prednisone by another 1 mg.

Onwards and upwards!

~ Carrie


No Prograf Tacrolimis???

I went to Safeway to fulfill my prescription and they were out of both Generic and branded Prograf Tacrolimus, with no date available on when they could get it.

This was the first time ever.

They called another pharmacy in Calgary that had less than a months dose on hand, so I went to get it, and have a little stash.

I cant find anything online that indicates there is a shortage so I am watching this carefully.

health update Spring 2018

Well…. I dont know what the hell happened but my weight skyrocketed. Like, out of nowhere. Energy plummeted and I am now pushing 190 lbs.

Now I am not a lettuce-eating bunny, but nothing has really changed in my good (or bad) habits to justify this weight gain. Since I went to the hepatologist in December I put on almost an additional 15 lbs. Almost a lb a week since December.

I got another fybroscan and my density numbers are lower than December (yay) weight is UP (boo) and blood tests are high normal, which sucks but my bloodwork does cycle that way. In light of that, there is nothing glaring in my results.

Being sluggish is not normal for me. So that is something I am coping with. I am making a conscious effort to give up sweets and up my water intake.

Dr Swain is referring me to a clinic to help people with diet and fatty liver. What the hell…. I will try anything! Stay tuned!

Vitamin E for liver health and a hepatologist visit update

December 21, 2017 I had a visit with my hepatologist and quite frankly, I was nervous about going because 2017 a lot has changed in my body. I have put on quite a bit of weight, Im working too much and not really prioritizing my health, and have caught myself more often missing my morning dose of prograf. December I caught a really bad cold and probably had one of my top 3 worst cold sores ever, so my immune system must have been shot.

The last time I went to the hepatologist sox months ago, in addition to AIH, I also have fatty liver, so he recommended I watch my weight to get that out of control. Even though I am concerned, I just have not prioritized that weight loss, and now six months later, I am going back heavier then the last time he gave me heck.

Last visit, He suggested at that time that for liver health, I could drink as much coffee as I want, and that I also take vitamin E regularly as well.

The high dosages of coffee I implemented right away, with ease and enthusiasm. The vitamin E, like my morning dose of Prograf, the success was fleeting and eventually tapered off.

What is interesting in my results though, that despite some weight gain, and missed dosages, my coffee intake was definately upped. I literally have a cup on the go all day at work, minimim 4 cups a day, sometimes more, my blood tests improved, and my fibroscan also inproved a few points too. I was 5.-something, and I am now 4.-something.

So this has me a little excited! So the coffee consumption I will continue with, and I am taking Vitamin E twice daily.

We’ll see how my next visit goes!!

I am not giving any medical advice here, just sharing my personal story and personal results. Everyone’s body is different!

Yay!! Finally Generic Tacrolimus (Prograf)



In Canada, Tacrolimus is not covered by Blue Cross unless you have had a transplant.  Pre-transplant, this drug is not covered.  That means, monthly, my cost of this drug is just over $350 a month.  Its like a car payment.  Predmisone is another $60, so its a little over $400.

This month, I got a call from the Safeway Pharmacy, informing me that there is now (finally) a generic form of Tacrolimis called Sandoz-Tacrolimus.

Its about $1ed.  Even though it is less than a third of my costs, it is still a significant savings.  $1200 a year – I will take it!

Thank you, to liver research!






Hepatitis C Cure

epclusa cure for heptatis C

epclusa cure for heptatis C

Wow! Three cheers for liver disease research! i actually heard about this through Debralee at the Canadian Liver Foundation, and sought a few articles for those of who would like more information on Hepitatis C. Even better, this prescrption can be issued by any doctor, which eliminates the need to see a specialist, which is a huge bonus for people affected in rural areas. They will not need to acquire the cost of travelling to a major center for an appointment. Hip hip horray!